Distinctive Styling LLC is a home staging and design company founded by Marian Jacobsen who started the business pursuing a long-held aspiration. After years of education, training and work in the industry, Marian continues to follow her passion for the arts and design with a focus on real estate staging and interior decorating.
"Home staging and interior styling is both an art and a science. A good design considers the functionality of the room, its architectural features as well as the lifestyle of the client. Our design approach is to bring a fresh feel to the space, by adding texture, color, patterns and mixing exciting materials as in woods, fabrics, metals, stone and natural elements for a contemporary look that fits the clients needs and budget.“
Distinctive Styling offers exceptional services in the areas of property styling, staging and design for Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Investors, and Builders. We work on large and small projects providing individualized solutions for our clients who either need to stage a house to sell, fully decorate a home or do a simple room refresh.