Staging is vital as spring real estate market heats up!

After a long cold winter, we welcome spring as a season of new beginnings and growth.  It is also typically the busiest time of year in the residential real estate market and, this year is no exception.  In some communities, as here in New Jersey, there may even be an unusually low inventory of houses for sale with more buyers than sellers, but that could change rapidly as we know.

Savvy realtors and homeowners understand that home staging is just as vital now as in any other market.  Buyers may be cautious about making a home purchase.   They want to make sure the home they purchase is a good investment at a fair price but more importantly, it must feel like a home they can aspire to live in.  That being said, homeowners should prepare and stage their home for sale, before they list it, in order to stand out from the competition.  Don’t let selling opportunities slip you by!  Staging can result in a quick sale for top dollar.  As a professional real estate stager in central NJ, I have seen first hand how home staging can sell homes fast and where homeowners may even receive bids over the asking price.

Home staging doesn’t have to be very costly to be effective as long as there is a well-designed plan in place.  There are many improvements that homeowners can do themselves or perhaps bring in professionals to complete the job:

* Maintain curb appeal – The weather is perfect now to clean up flower and mulch beds as well as improve the overall appearance of the exterior of your home.

* Clean and de-clutter – It is a great time to do some “spring cleaning.”  Remove your excess clutter and personal belongings so buyers can see the real value in your home.  You will have to pack up to move anyway.

* Paint and make repairs – Give your home a fresh coat of paint in a neutral, coordinating color to update the look of your home.  Make those necessary repairs before buyers see a reason to offer you much less.

* Stage your home – Consult a professional stager for advice.  Discuss ways you can improve room flow, highlight key features of your home and how you can make your home more appealing to buyers.  Bring your home to life with updated furniture and accessories tailored to connect with your target market.  Staged homes look better in MLS photos.  Your ultimate goal is to have buyers make an offer you can’t refuse.

Please contact Marian Jacobsen of Distinctive Styling today at 732-691-2318 for more information about how  home staging services may benefit you.  Remember, staging is vital when selling your home!