Vacant Staging – The Cure for a Cold, Lonely Home

A home is not just a dwelling or physical structure.  It is the central hub of a household; a place where families make memories.  As they say, home is where the heart is.

Before buyers make a purchase, they must feel they would enjoy living in the home and that it would support a lifestyle they can aspire to.  If a house is vacant, it may seem like a cold and lonely place to potential buyers.  I have toured many vacant properties where sounds echo through dark, dreary hallways and empty, indifferent rooms.  To some, large vacant houses may even seem scary or haunting.  Not the feeling you want to portray to buyers.

In an empty house, it is often difficult to envision the purpose and layout of a room, and how it would best be furnished.  Typically, vacant houses take much longer to sell and homeowners simply resort to drastic price reductions.  As an alternative, consider home staging as a real estate marketing tool to help sell your home faster and at the highest price possible.  Before reducing the listing price, contact a home stager to inquire about how staging a vacant home can help solve buyer uncertainty.

Distinctive Styling’s vacant staging is tailored to connect with your buyer demographic and designed to showcase your home as a place that buyers will love!  We bring in rental furniture and accessories to highlight the best features of your home and turn it into a warm, inviting space.  Give your home the competitive edge it needs and less time on the market with our professional home staging services.  As an added bonus, buyers who want the staged home look can purchase the furnishings and decor after the sale.  For more information about staging a property in northern NJ, please call Marian Jacobsen at 732-691-2318.