Decorating with Wood Flooring

There are so many choices in wood flooring for homes today.  I love the rich, warm look of wood floors.  They are not only beautiful but durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.  When incorporating wood flooring into your decorating plans, there are many factors to consider:

Type:  The traditional solid hardwood is long lasting and can be refinished if needed.  Oak and maple are very popular but woods such as hickory, bamboo and other exotics are trendy as well.  For installations over concrete, engineered woods made up of veneer layers may be more practical.  If you are searching for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind product, reclaimed woods made from old barns and buildings could be your solution.  Laminate flooring is not made from wood but can have a natural wood look with many hand scraped designs available.

Color:  If you are renovating your home, flooring is a key aspect of your interior decorating project.  Wood floors may have a light, medium or dark stain finish in either red, blonde, walnut or other hues.  In choosing the color and tone of your floor, consider how much natural light the room gets, how large the room is, and how it will coordinate with your furniture, cabinetry, paint colors, rugs and window treatments.  For example, lighter floors would make a small, dark room look larger and more inviting.

Style:  There are numerous styles of wood flooring available to choose from.  Many homes have been built with solid hardwood narrow strips however, wider planks are being used more often today.  Wood floors with a smooth, glossy finish and slight variations in pattern and texture can be suitable for more transitional or contemporary styled homes.  For a more casual or rustic look, wood floors with more knotting, color and grain variations, low-luster and other distinctive characteristics may be the best option.

Cost: Wood flooring is available at various price points to fit any budget. Generally speaking, exotic and reclaimed hardwoods will be more expensive than solid oak or some laminates. Carpeting may still be a good, affordable choice especially in bedrooms, however wood floors are very appealing to buyers when selling your home and often brings a good return on your investment.  In choosing a wood floor, it is important to consider where it will be used, the amount of foot traffic it would receive, and how long you want it to last before making a decision.

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