TV Commercial Staging Success Story

I recently had the pleasure of partnering with a Northern NJ TV production company to stage the sets for a 2 day photo shoot for a True Sleeper mattress topper commercial.  For several weeks, I communicated with the producer and their client from Japan to assist with the design of 4 unique bedrooms that would best fit their advertising vision and budget.  Once the design, layout and set colors were established, I selected furniture and props to decorate each of the bedroom scenes for the commercial staging.  There are so many talented people involved in producing a TV commercial. I worked along with the producer, director, set builders, lighting and camera crew, still photographer, actors, makeup artist and more.   As the prop stylist, I was available throughout the photo shoot to make adjustments on the set where necessary.  It was an interesting project from start to finish with so much attention to detail.  The clients were extremely happy with the outcome and thought the staging was a success!  The concept of staging  whether for a home or a product commercial is the same, decorate to sell to your target market.