Kitchen Trends…Keep It Simple

I recently attended a seminar on 2015 Kitchen Trends hosted by Worldwide Flooring and Mrs. G’s Appliances in Lawrenceville, NJ. According to recent polls, people spend an average of 68% of their time in the kitchen, are cooking more at home and are particularly health conscious about food choices and preparation. New kitchens are designed to reflect the lifestyle of the consumer. When renovating kitchens, the trend is to keep it simple with clean, modern lines because consumers tend to want simplicity and less clutter in their lives.

Since appliances account for 20-30% of a kitchen remodeling budget, it is important to consider if the style, size and function of the appliance is right for the project.  No longer are the large side by side refrigerators, small wall ovens and over the range microwaves in fashion, however they are still available as replacements for kitchen renovations. Stainless steel appliances are still very trendy, as are refrigerators with French doors. There have also been some recent innovations in design. For instance, there are refrigerators available with a built in Keurig machine, wall ovens with French doors as well as steam ovens for healthier cooking. The controls on certain models of oven ranges have been moved to the front for a smoother backsplash look. Microwaves are now installed in drawers. Many appliances come with “smart phone” control technology for remote accessibility. There are various brands and models to choose from whether you have a smaller budget to fix up a property for sale, or are looking for higher end luxury brands. For a cohesive look, it is best to purchase all major kitchen appliances together in a package.

White cabinets are still a popular color choice, but dark wood cabinets are also favored. The cabinets are typically mounted to the ceiling with large decorative molding. Open shelving may be incorporated into the design as well as wood flooring. Integrated appliances that fit in seamlessly with the cabinets are becoming the norm rather than the exception in some areas. Also in trend are large vent hoods, mostly in stainless steel.  Granite has long been a favorite for countertops but quartz is increasing in popularity, as it is less porous and more durable. Materials with different texture and contrast are combined to create interest. The kitchen design should take into account the architecture of the home and personal taste of the homeowner, however the trend today is more simplistic.

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