Staged Edison NJ Townhome Sells In 1 Day!

With the influx of homes that may be for sale in your market, you need to stand out from the competition. Staging a home will help you do just that.  I recently worked with a homeowner to prepare his Edison NJ townhome for sale suggesting ways to best showcase his property.  The rooms appeared dark with a burgundy accent wall and not much natural light coming through the windows.  I advised him to paint the walls a lighter neutral color eliminating the accent wall. We chose Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige for the dining and living rooms, Manchester Tan for the kitchen and front entrance hallways, and Lenox Tan for the bath.  The freshly painted rooms appeared brighter, more spacious and may appeal to potential buyers. With our staging enhancements, we also removed some existing furnishings and personal items, as well as brought in a few accessories and art to coordinate with his modern furniture.  Once staged, the home sells in 1 day with multiple offers received at full list price!  The homeowner agreed that the small investment in painting and a few hours staging was well worth it.  Home staging should be a part of every seller’s marketing plan.

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