Staging A NJ Luxury Home In Mendham Sold in 14 Days

Distinctive Styling recently had the pleasure of staging a NJ luxury home in Mendham NJ.  This house was staged and sold in 14 days with a small bidding war going on, receiving offers over the $1.4 million asking price.  Aside from a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering, there were certain improvements made to the home, including painting where needed, before listing the home.  The kitchen was updated with a new backsplash, granite counter and lighting.  There were updates made to the baths including a new pedestal sink, faucets, mirror and lighting installations.  Updating the home in these areas really can make a difference in the overall value of the property. Prior to the broker’s open house, Distinctive Styling staged the home and brought in furniture, rugs, art, mirrors and decor to showcase the home for sale.  After the home improvements and staging was completed, the home had a well maintained, welcoming feel and contemporary look that potential buyers aspired to live in.  This is yet another example of how staging can help property owners get a quick sale and for more money!


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