Staging Smaller Bedrooms

Let’s face it.  Homebuyers want a bedroom that feels spacious, relaxing, luxurious, and has lots of storage space.  As such, staging smaller bedrooms can be a challenge.  I recently staged a master bedroom that is 12 ft. by 11 ft.  Furniture size and layout is so important especially when staging smaller spaces.  A  chest of drawers in this bedroom was a better fit than a dresser to show space for clothing.  The bed in a master bedroom should be at least a queen size.  It is usually the focal point of the room so it should look cozy and inviting.  Even if it seems like a queen bed will not fit, it is usually the best size for staging.  There are architectural obstacles as well when staging smaller bedrooms.  In this room, there was a double closet to the left, and a window in the center of 2 other walls.  The only blank wall was 9 ft. wide before the doorway.  A headboard with standard sized nightstands would be a tight fit along this wall, plus buyers would walk into the side of the bed upon entrance to the room.  This layout may make the room seem even smaller and is not a good angle for MLS photos.  I felt the best solution here was to put the bed under the window.  This is counterintuitive to design principles, feng shui and proper space planning, but logical for staging.  When comparing other floor plan options, the bedroom seems larger with the bed under the window.  Keeping the room light and bright, adding color and contrast, will make the room feel spacious too.  The pops of color in the accessories draws your eyes around the room giving a wider feel to the room.  Smaller bedside tables give an open feel.  Also, by adding sheer window panels hung high near the ceiling, the room seems taller as well as it provides a frame for the bed.  Staging will help buyers see past certain flaws by highlighting other elements that may appeal to them.

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