1. Do I really need staging to sell my home?

Statistics show that staged homes sell 78% faster and for more money than homes that are not staged. According to recent local real estate reports, homes that are not staged spent an average of 101 days on market. During this time, there may be several price reductions, mortgage, tax payments and other carrying costs. Last year, the homes that I have staged usually went under contract in 30 days or less on average, with some clients receiving offers in 10 days or less, even one receiving a good offer on the same day of staging.   The numbers speak for themselves.

2.   Why do I have to hire a professional home stager?

Most people cannot view their home objectively. As a professional home stager, I am trained to view the home through “buyer’s eyes” and will recommend improvements to make the property more attractive. Wherever possible, I would suggest affordable fix ups without costly renovations to get the property market ready.  Buyers are more likely to make a purchase on a home that appears inviting and well maintained. They must be able to envision themselves living in this home, and aspire to the lifestyle it brings.

3. What is the staging process and timeframe needed to stage?

We begin the process with a phone conversation or email inquiry to learn more about your property, whether it is vacant or occupied, and your plans for selling it. During this time, we would also discuss my services, rates, and how I would be able to help you with staging your home for sale.   If agreeable, we would then schedule an in-home consultation, with or without a report, or arrange a time to view the property, if vacant, to submit a proposal to stage it with rental furniture and accessories. At that time, I would take notes, measurements and photos to be used in the staging plan. For vacant staging, once our proposal is accepted, we would schedule a time to stage which can be arranged in as little as 3 days if necessary. On staging day, we would meet the furniture delivery persons to direct placement of the furniture in the home. The staging is usually completed in 1 to 1.5 days.

4. What is the cost to rent furniture for staging my home?

I frequently get asked this question during our initial communication. The cost to rent furniture is determined by the length of lease, as well as the quantity and quality of furniture that I select for staging, whether it is to stage an entire vacant home or supplement a few pieces for a room in an occupied home. In addition, there is a one time moving fee of about $250 charged for the furniture rental to be dropped off and picked up, plus taxes and a one-month security deposit that is refunded at the end of the lease.

The cost of rental furniture will vary as each piece is selected based on the individual needs of the home to be staged. Typically the kitchen has a lower monthly fee as it requires less furniture than a Living room would. The main living areas and the Master bedroom are the key rooms in staging a home, however, it is recommended to stage every room if budget allows, for greater impact and “Wow” factor.

Staging is not complete without accessorizing along with the appropriate rental furniture. The overall cost to stage would include an accessory rental and professional staging fee.  Staging packages would depend on the quantity and style of furniture available in inventory at the time of order.

5. How is the staging cost determined?

There are many factors involved in determining the overall staging cost that includes a professional service fee, and accessory rental in addition to the furniture rental.

My professional staging fee takes into consideration the time and expenses allocated for your project, such as:

* design concepts, planning, furniture layout,

* coordinate furniture and accessory selections with existing paint colors, cabinetry, flooring etc. in the home

* shop for accessories and soft goods if needed

* work with vendors and furniture moving personnel

* pull inventory from my storage facility, clean and wrap items for travel

* delivery and set up accessories at the property

* hang artwork and mirrors, drapery panels (optional)

* pack up and remove accessories or de-stage

* return inventory back to storage facility

* clean, press or maintain accessory items as needed

* travel time and other expenses

* assistants required for the job

* coverage for general business liability insurance

* styling for photo shoot of staged rooms

* general project consulting

I have a very large inventory of accessories and occasional pieces that I personally select to target the buyer demographic for each home. The accessory list includes, but is not limited to, various types and sizes of quality faux floral arrangements and trees, art, mirrors, area rugs, lamps, vases, bowls, decorative accents, as well as pillows, throws, bedding, towels and other soft goods for vacant staging. The cost to rent my accessories will range from $100 – $300 per month depending on the number and size of rooms to be staged, however, I supply a generous amount of higher end accessories with every staging.

For homes that are occupied while selling, I offer several options for obtaining staging accessories:

1) I can rent accessories from my inventory to supplement or replace existing decor in the home.

2) I can shop for on-trend staging items that homeowners purchase and can use in their new home.

3) I can give the homeowner a shopping list of general items needed for staging.

By renting my accessories, you will ultimately save time and money. Shopping on your own for items on websites and going store to store to find accessories in particular colors, styles and size can be very time consuming and costly. Having been in business since 2009 in New Jersey, I have gathered many resources and built good relationships with vendors so that I may bring a good value to every staging and design project I take on.

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